DhakaWednesday , 15 December 2021
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Mother and son chairman candidates in UP in Gurudaspur’s Dharabarisha

Md Magem Ali
December 15, 2021 1:21 pm
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Gurudaspur (Natore) Representative.
Elections are going to be held in 6 Union Parishads in Gurudaspur of Natore on 5th January in the fifth phase. The Gurdaspur Election Office has published the list of valid candidates for the post of chairman in the unions. A total of 33 people have been published in the list of valid chairman posts.

According to the Gurudaspur Upazila Election Office, there are 4 valid candidates for the post of chairman of Dharabarisha Union Parishad of the upazila. Among them, mother Hajeda Begum and son Habibur Rahman of the same family have become candidates. They are both independent candidates. Besides, the current chairman Abdul Matin Mastar and another independent candidate Solaiman Ali Biswas are choosing the boat symbol nominated by Bangladesh Awami League.
Talking to the voters of Dharabarisha Union, he said that everyone has the right to take part in the elections. However, two candidates for mother and son in the same family is ridiculous. Until the withdrawal of nomination papers, it is not possible to say who is in the election field – mother or son.

Candidate Habibur Rahman Mandal said that he had submitted nomination papers as a support candidate for his mother Hajeda Begum. If for any reason his mother’s nomination was rejected, he would choose. Since both my and my mother’s nomination papers are valid, I will withdraw my nomination papers on the due date.

Upazila Election Officer Md. Ferdous Alam said, taking part in the election is a democratic right. Mother-son participation is not new.