DhakaFriday , 10 December 2021
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Farmers and beekeepers of Chalanbil are dreaming of mustard blossoms

Md Magem Ali
December 10, 2021 11:04 am
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Md. Majem Ali Malin.

Agrahayan month is going on. The aura of winter has now begun in nature. The whole field of Chalanbilanchal is full of mustard flowers and bees. There is a beautiful view all over Chalon-sur-Sane. Mustard flower ceremonies can now be seen in the vast fields of Chalonbilanchal including Gurudaspur of Natore, Singra, Baraigram, Tarash of Sirajganj and Chatmohar and Bhangura of Pabna.

Wherever the two eyes go, there is only yellow and green paddy. This is like a piece of mini Bangladesh. Sprinkle yellow on the chest of the car green. The farmers of Chalanbil are anxious to bring home the gold crop. Observations on various fields in Chalon-sur-Sa দেখাne show that mustard-yellow flowers are now all over the field in Chalon-sur-Sane. All that can be seen is the green and yellow ceremony all around. Seeing the soul is covered. No human being can be fascinated by this beautiful view of nature. Bumblebees and bees are flying in the field decorated with yellow flowers. There is no shortage of joy in the minds of tourists and farmers at the humming of bumblebees and bees.

On the one hand, traveling beekeepers are benefiting by collecting honey from this mustard flower every year. On the other hand, the yield is also higher as a result of pollination. Tourists are also happy to see that amazing view. Each year around 150 to 200 nomadic bee farmers collect honey temporarily around the mustard flower of this challanbil. The honey is also sold in the country and abroad.
According to the Natore Agriculture Department, this time mustard has been sown in a total of 13,3600 hectares of land along with boro paddy in Chalanbil. He hopes that the farmers will benefit if the yield is good and the crop gets a fair price.

Not only that, innumerable people thirsty to travel from different parts of the country are rushing to enjoy this beautiful view of mustard flowers. The crowd of tourists is increasing every day. In the rainy season, the chaitanbil is submerged in water, and in the dry season, the fields are full of harvest ceremonies. In different seasons, the challan bill takes one form at a time. To see this beauty from afar, small and big traveling Pimpasura come from far and wide. He rushed to this largest bill in Asia to get rid of fatigue in the gap of work.

Dheha, Arita, Sinthi, and Rumpa Moni, who came to enjoy the beauty of mustard flowers in Chalon-sur-Sane, said they came with their father once in the rainy season to see the beauty of the water. In the dry season, I went to Chalanbil again to see Mitali in the beauty of yellow mustard flowers and green paddy. But I like it a lot. When the time came, I wanted to look at the whole bill. But even if the mind does not want to go back in time.
Gurudaspur Upazila Executive Officer. Tamal Hossain said that Chalonbil attracts tourists with its various looks and beauty throughout the year. If you do not see this eye-catching view of Chalanbil, the boundless beauty of Chalanbil will remain elusive.

Prof. Abdul Quddus, President of Natore District A-League, a local MP, said, The last wish of his life was to build a tourist center and an agricultural research center for the farmers in Chalon-sur-Sane. Tourists traveling from far and wide can enjoy the unobstructed beauty of Chalanbil in a good way by relaxing and unwinding and the farmers can become self-sufficient by cultivating improved varieties of paddy.