DhakaTuesday , 7 December 2021
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Sheikh Hasina is the last hope of the disabled Tuhin!

Md Magem Ali
December 7, 2021 5:41 am
Link Copied!

Special Correspondent from Rajshahi:
SM Ziaul Kabir Tuhin, a physically challenged employee of Bangladesh Science and Industry Laboratory (BCSIR) Rajshahi, who was fired without notice, has not been returned to work yet. Two years and four months ago, 53 employees of the company, including Tuhin, who were working in the master role, were fired together.

In these 26 months, the director of the company, the mayor of Rajshahi City Corporation (Rasik), the local MP, the deputy commissioner and other important people have been urging for reinstatement, but they have not got any positive result. He is living an extremely inhuman life with his wife and only daughter who is a college student. Now Bangabandhu’s daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is her last hope.
Although the condition of all the sacked people is deplorable, the condition of the disabled Tuhin is very sad. Being physically handicapped, she can’t work, can’t even reach out to people looking at the future of her daughter Tania Tabassum. Although the girl has passed AHAC, Tuhin is not able to get admission in honors due to lack of money. But Tania’s strong desire is to stand on her own two feet and serve the people of the country by alleviating the grief of her parents.
The life of the disabled Tuhin is also very struggling. After 4 years of birth, his legs became disabled. He started his education with physical disability. Father Abdul Hamid, being an employee of BCSIR, admitted his son to the school affiliated to the institution. However, he died of a sudden stroke in 2006. In the same year, mother Jinatun Nessa died of water in her lungs. The child has to watch the death of the mother with tears in his eyes as he could not perform the operation due to lack of money.
In the same year, Tuhin was emotionally broken in front of his parents. He took part in the SSC examination with the ‘heartache’ of losing his parents suddenly. But the more difficult test of the Creator towards the orphan teenager! He failed twice in a row in SSC. Yet he did not stop studying. Tuhin passed Madhyami in the third attempt in 2014 and was admitted to Kapasia BM College. The teachers of the college stood by Tuhin, who was disabled due to financial crisis. Especially the teacher said. Ripon encouraged him to continue his studies. This time Tuhin is physically handicapped for HSC examination.
Destiny writing! Fell in HSC too. He could not pass the next test. But Tuhin, a soldier who fought in the battle of life, did not end his education. Tested for the third time. This time the disabled are not able to accept the success rate. The result is a smile on everyone’s face. Tuhin has already got married and given birth to a daughter. He was admitted to Rajshahi New Government Degree College under the Open Board. The 31-year-old is currently studying in the third year of his degree. Meanwhile, his daughter Tania has passed HAC. Although he passed Matric and Intermediate with 9.75 results, his father’s dismissal has left his future in uncertainty.

According to the relevant sources, on July 31, 2019, the then director Ibrahim Hossain fired 53 employees working in BCSIR Rajshahi without any notice. Among the sacked were members of minority Hindu families, widows and the disabled Tuhin. They suddenly lost their jobs and lost their way. Run to the director. However, he did not get any good answer without insult. Later, the employees informed Rasik Mayor AHM Khairuzzaman Liton and the Deputy Commissioner orally and in writing. Besides, in December 2019, the disabled Tuhin ran to the MP of Rajshahi-3 (Paba-Mohanpur) constituency Ain Uddin. The incident is open. The MP immediately called the director of the organization. At that time, at least the director assured Tuhin to return to work. But before he left, he hired a housekeeper. They remained laid off.
Helpless, the workers took to the streets together last year. He held rallies and meetings in front of the company and at Saheb Bazar Zero Point in the city several times to demand his reinstatement. Ignoring the rain, Tuhin also stayed on the highway. But there is no frown of the higher authorities.
Dismissed SM Ziaul Kabir Tuhin told Bhorer Kagoj that in the last two years, many government officials and people’s representatives have gone to the door. But not getting my job back, I last sent an SMS to a number in the Prime Minister’s Office on October 8. Then the call comes from there, let’s talk. Later I was called from the deputy commissioner’s office. I went there on October 6 and met the deputy commissioner. I tell the current deputy commissioner everything openly. He listens and reassures everyone. No results found yet.
At one point, Tuhin broke down in tears and said that he had lost his parents long ago. The money from the job did not cover the cost and care for them. I can’t even see the smile on the face of my only daughter after a lifetime of hard work. He is going to be deprived of higher education. I am also trying to get married. But being poor, I can’t even get married. Only Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu, can make my life beautiful. Asking for a job with the last prime minister, he said, “Mother, I have suffered a lot in my life. I lost my parents and took the test. I did not stop studying even after failing. My life is no longer like ten healthy people. Please give me a job, mother. I could not admit my only daughter to college. I can’t even marry her. I am applying for a job in Karachi.
In this regard, the director of the Bangladesh Science and Industry Laboratory (BCSIR) Rajshahi. Varun Kanti Saha said the previous director had dropped the employees. Now it is not in my hands. However, considering the case of the disabled Tuhin, he sent his papers to Dhaka