DhakaThursday , 2 December 2021
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Viral ‘raw nuts’ on social media

Md Magem Ali
December 2, 2021 2:15 pm
Link Copied!

Banalata desk.
Recently, the song ‘Mage Hite’ by Sri Lankan pop queen Yohani has caused a stir on social media. There was no less fuss about the song. This time the viral song ‘Raw Almond’. This song is especially popular on social media in Bangladesh and India.
According to many, this song is now spoken by Bengali speaking people all over the world beyond the borders of the subcontinent. It is not surprising to hear the song on someone’s face while walking on the road to faraway America. Many people do not know, who is the lyricist, composer and singer of this song? And where did the song come from! In that sense ‘Raw Nuts’ is not a song. The word of mouth of a nutcracker to attract buyers.
It is known that the name of the creator of the viral ‘Raw Almond’ song is Bhuvan Badyakar. He is a nut seller. His home is in Kuraljuri village of Laxminarayanpur panchayat in Dubrajpur block of Birbhum, West Bengal, India. There he sells nuts on the back of a motorcycle in villages, markets, ports, people’s houses. Bhuvan does not sell fried nuts. All the nuts he got were raw. And just paying money does not match the nuts. Bhuvan gives nuts in exchange for unused old parts of the house, broken mobile parts, batteries, duck feathers, head hair, city gold chains, pendants, bangles.

And this information is being sung all over the world, which today has gone viral all over the world with the song ‘Raw Almond’. The lyrics of the song are like this – ‘Badam Badam Dada Kancha Badam, I don’t have Go Bubu Bhaja Badam…’ The lyrics of the song are by Bhuvan Badyakar. He is also its singer. There are countless people in the world who have not heard the words and tunes of this song. This song is playing as soon as you open Facebook, YouTube, Reels.

Almond seller Bhuvan Badyakar has become a celebrity. Crowds are gathering at his house to see him. When he goes to the village to sell nuts, the common people come to see him. He has already given an interview to the Indian media.

In this way, the world has gone viral. Responding, he said, “Everyone is watching my music on mobile. Everyone comes and praises my song as soon as they see it. It feels good. I wrote the song, I made it. My tune, my throat. I have to think. I have been selling nuts for the last 10 years. I do this song while selling nuts. At the time, one of the boys filmed the song and posted it on social media, but I don’t know the boy. “

Asked if he had ever sung before, Bhuvan said, “Yes, I have sung Baul before. Now I travel from Jharkhand to various villages in West Bengal and ferry nuts. How to sell those nuts, from the thought. Then write the song. ‘

Bhuvan said sales have gone up since it went viral. Some are buying nuts for 5 rupees, some for 10 rupees. The sale is going well. I used to ferry nuts on foot. I have also cycled for some time. Now he has bought a motorcycle for 15,000 rupees. That’s why I’m ferrying nuts. ‘