DhakaWednesday , 24 November 2021
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The highest yield of paddy in last 50 years In Raninagar, the sharecroppers are getting profit instead of loss

Md Magem Ali
November 24, 2021 10:06 am
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Sukumal Kumar Pramanik, Raninagar (Naogaon) Correspondent:

The cutting and threshing of aman paddy has started in full swing in Raninagar upazila of Naogaon. Although the yield is not as high as that of the household due to good yield and price of paddy, the sharecroppers are getting relief from losses. Agriculture officials claim that farmers are getting the highest yield and price in the last 50 years. As a result, the farmers are seeing the face of profit this time.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Office, farmers have planted paddy in about 16,060 hectares of land across the upazila this season. Of these, Swarna-5, BR-49, Bina-16, BR-51, BR-6, BR-61, BR-75 and early and coarse varieties of paddy have been cultivated in 6,205 hectares of land. Besides, farmers have planted sugar cane and chikon varieties of paddy in 11,455 hectares of land. Although the threshing of sugarcane has not started yet, the threshing of coarse varieties is nearing the end. Farmers say that since the beginning of paddy planting, the weather has been favorable and the paddy plant has become very good. This season, from plowing to planting, weeding, fertilizer, watering, irrigating and threshing has cost about 10/11 thousand rupees per bigha.

According to the sharecroppers, the householders have to spend Rs. Swarna-5 variety of paddy is yielding 18 to 24 manas per bigha of land. This variety of paddy is being sold at a maximum price of Tk. Besides, BR-49 variety of paddy is yielding up to 18-20 manas per bigha. It is being sold up to a maximum of 1130 rupees. As a result, even though the householders are benefiting more, the sharecroppers are also getting relief from the losses even though they are not able to make much profit. Again, many are earning 3/4 thousand rupees.

Dulal Hossain, a farmer from Veti village of the upazila, Ali Mithu from Bachir of Narayan Para and Palan Chandra from Jalkai village said that after a long year, the yield of paddy is increasing and good price of paddy is expected at the beginning of harvesting and threshing. In the last few years, despite the good yield of paddy, the price has not been obtained and even though the price has been good, the yield has not been obtained. As a result, by cultivating aman, especially the sharecroppers have lost 3/4 thousand rupees per bigha. But this time the sharecroppers are also benefiting from the yield and good price.

Raninagar Upazila Agriculture Officer, agronomist Shahidul Islam said that the yield has been very high this time as compared to every year due to less disease and due to weather and new varieties of new paddy. He claimed that this is the highest yield in the last 50 years. Farmers are benefiting from getting the expected price in the market from the very beginning of cutting and threshing side by side.