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MP’s wife in ICU after taking sleeping pills

Md Magem Ali
November 19, 2021 1:13 pm
Link Copied!

Special Correspondent, Rajshahi:
Elina Akhter Polly, 40, wife of Rajshahi-3 (Paba-Mohanpur) MP Ain Uddin and teacher of Sanskrit department at Rajshahi University, is undergoing treatment at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after taking extra sleeping pills. He was admitted to Rajshahi Medical College (RAMEC) Hospital last Thursday. However, MP Ain did not open his mouth in this regard.

According to hospital sources, Elena was first admitted to the emergency department at around 11pm on Thursday for treatment in ward 37 of the medicine department. Later, at around 12 o’clock in the night, if his condition was critical, he was sent to ICU. Later his condition became more critical. However, the reason for her taking extra sleeping pills is unknown.

In this regard, Dr. Ramek Hospital ICU in charge. Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal said that everyone in the ICU is in critical condition. The MP’s wife is no exception. However, Elena’s physical condition is somewhat stable.
Asked how many sleeping pills Elena had taken, he said it was his personal information. I can’t report it to the media.

When an attempt was made to contact MP Ain Uddin in this regard, his statement could not be obtained as he did not receive the call.