DhakaThursday , 18 November 2021
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After a long 6 months, import-export started at the land port of Roumari

Md Magem Ali
November 18, 2021 12:07 pm
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Roumari (Kurigram) Representative.
Due to the recent lockdown by the government to prevent the spread of the corona virus, the current government has continued vaccination activities to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

On the other hand, due to lockdown and movement restrictions in different parts of India and due to their own infighting, there have been occasional imports and exports. The government has been deprived of crores of rupees in revenue due to the suspension of import and export of goods from India through the land port of Roumari, a new port in Kurigram, Bangladesh, for almost six consecutive months from March.

On the other hand, thousands of stone-breaking workers and driver helpers have lived inhumane lives in the financial crisis. But after a long time, relief has returned to the traders and workers. This information was obtained on the spot on Thursday (November 18).

It has been learned on the spot that due to some internal conflicts in India, they stopped exporting stones after drinking from lime. Stone is exported more through this land port. Traders and thousands of workers were in trouble as import and export was stopped for 6 consecutive months.

Due to the suspension of import and export for a long time, on the one hand, various development works have been hampered and on the other hand, the government has been deprived of crores of rupees in revenue. However, the import and export of the land port has started from November 16 subject to negotiations between the two countries through various high-level arrests. Rafiq Traders Rafiqul Islam and many more.

However, we do not claim that the import and export was stopped due to the Corona virus or due to political problems within India. Thousands of local workers, including businessmen, have been living with their wives and children with great difficulty. We strongly urge the government to ensure that these problems do not recur.

Many people including Amirul Islam, Zillur Rahman, Mokshed Ali, Rafiel Haque, Saidur Rahman, who are engaged in stone breaking work of LCport (land port) of Roumari, said that there was no limit to the hardships of our wife and children as import and export of LCport (land port) has been stopped for a long time. Stone import has started again from last 16th November. We will be able to survive by eating dal rice with our wife and children by working as before.
Harun Aur Rashid Tuhin, general secretary of the Char Natunbandar Import and Export Group, said that on an average, more than two hundred freight trucks used to enter the land port every day, depriving the government of revenue every day. On the other hand, the workers used to work hard due to lack of work. After solving all the problems, new stones are being imported from India on 16th November. In this way, if the import and export continues, the traders will benefit, employment will be created for the workers and revenue of the government will be generated.

Talking to Roumari customs officer Sahabuddin about import and export in Elsiport, he said that due to the recent corona virus and various problems in India, import and export of goods had been suspended for about six months. After all the hassles, the import and export has started from last 16th November. The government will get revenue income from import and export, other traders will benefit and thousands of workers will get employment benefits.