DhakaWednesday , 17 November 2021
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School teacher Latifa Helen killed Arrest and exemplary punishment of the guilty Human chain of teachers in demand

Md Magem Ali
November 17, 2021 7:25 am
Link Copied!

Gurudaspur (Natore) Representative.

Primary assistant teachers have carried out a human chain program demanding arrest and exemplary punishment for those involved in the murder of school teacher Latifa Helen under the slogan ‘My sister is in the grave, why the accused is out’. The human chain was organized at the premises of Gurudaspur Shaheed Minar around 11 am on Wednesday demanding arrest of the real culprits and exemplary punishment by involving Baizid Islam Sohag in the investigation.

Hundreds of people from different walks of life including teachers and students took part in this human chain organized by teachers. Manabbandhane Gurudaspur Teachers Association President Headmaster. Emdadul Haque alleged that the investigation into the murder was not completed even after two years. The case is currently under investigation by the PBI. However, the main suspect, Baijid Islam Sohag, 35, was a relative of a high-ranking official and was excluded from the investigation. Through this human chain we are demanding the arrest of the fugitive accused Ahsan and the main suspect Baizid Islam Sohag.

Manoa Begum, the plaintiff in the case, alleged that Sohag was insane to marry Latifa despite having a wife and a lover at home. For this reason, Latifa was also shown the temptation to accept a separate house and her previous daughter. But Latifa did not agree. That’s why Sohag used to do strange things all the time. Suspects Sohag, Mominul, Hamza and Ahsan used to hang out in front of Latifa’s house on various pretexts and also used to insult Latifa. Sohag also used to break up marriages, leave semen on Latifa’s clothes and go to the toilet. But Sohag has been kept out of the investigation. They demanded that the main suspect Sohag be brought under investigation.

The accused Baijid Islam Sohag is the son of Khejer Ali of Gopinathpur village in Gurudaspur upazila. He is working as an office assistant in Nazirpur Senior Alim Madrasa. Latifa, daughter of late Nazimuddin of the same village. He was an assistant teacher at Bri-Kasho Government Primary School. The accused in the case are Mominul, Ahsan Hamza and Sohag are close friends.
Masudur Rahman, Nusrat Jahan Rita and Abul Bashar, assistant teachers in the human chain, said Latifa’s ex-husband Mominul and her friend Hamza, who were killed in the case, were out on bail in the high court. But Ahsan is a fugitive here. At the beginning of the case, the name of the suspect Baizid Islam Sohag was actually suppressed. They arrested the fugitives Ahsan and Sohag and demanded exemplary punishment for all the accused.
Denying the allegations, Baizid Islam Sohag said he had given his torch light to his friend Ahsan on the night of the incident. Moreover, he could not attend the funeral of Latifa as he was ill. He was not involved in the killings.
Meanwhile, PBI officials have visited the spot to re-investigate Sohag, the main suspect in the murder.

Natore PBI police inspector. Nasir Uddin said the case has made significant progress. The matter is under investigation. Nothing can be said about the new accused for the sake of investigation. The actual facts will be revealed at the end of the investigation.
On the night of July 23, 2019, Latifa was hacked to death after being raped on the porch of her bedroom. Police later recovered Latifa’s mutilated body from a nearby pond. The accused Sohag’s torch light and Mominul’s used towel were found at that time. # Md. Majem Ali Malin 01719834520 / 16.11.2021