DhakaMonday , 15 November 2021
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Riya, who was swept away in the cyclone, is now a student of Rajshahi University

Md Magem Ali
November 15, 2021 12:28 pm
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Special Correspondent Barguna.

Nahin Haque Riya, who survived the November 15, 2006 floods, is now a university student. He was 4 years old at the time of Sidr. She is the daughter of Riya Barguna. She is the daughter of M Mojibul Haque Kislu, a staff reporter of the daily Jugantar.

November 15 is the day of remembrance. It started raining on the evening of November 14, 2006. The intensity of the wind gradually increases. The miking is going on – the cyclone is coming. The administration is miking the public requesting to go to the nearest shelter. Night is approaching. The intensity of the wind also increases.

It is about 10 o’clock at night. No electricity. The intensity of the storm is increasing. The sound of crying and screaming all around came to my ears. Cedar’s daughter Riya’s father lives in a one-storey building in Charkaloni of Barguna Municipality. The deeper the night, the higher the wind speed. In the meantime the water in the river continues to rise. In an instant, the speed of water increased and the road overflowed and started entering the house.

At 10:30 pm, water entered the rear father’s house. But the rear family did not notice. All of them have taken shelter in the tall building of their neighbor Abbas Hossain Montu Mollah. Without seeing anyone in Riyadh’s family, neighbor Mahmudul Azad Ripon risked his life to swim in Riyadh’s father’s house and knock on the door. Rear’s father went to open the door and saw knee-deep water in his house. As soon as the door is opened, water enters the middle of the house.

Four-year-old Rhea was floating in the strong current of water. Strong winds outside. It’s raining. Strong currents of water. Dark night. The plants are blowing in the wind. Rear family started crying. Nothing can be seen in the dark. Floating Nahid Haque jumps into the water to save Riya and picks her up in Ripon’s lap. Ripon floated in the water and took Riya to Montu Mollah’s building next door.

Riya’s family broke down in tears after not finding Riya. When Riya could not find her family, she swam in the water with her other child Rakib and took shelter in Montu Mollah’s building. Riya was found there. Countless people see Rhea bring dry clothes as much as they can. Riya’s family spends the night with Riya in Montu Mollah’s building.

Riya’s father is none other than Jugantar’s staff reporter M Mojibul Haque Kislu. He lives in Barguna district. Rear’s father said, “I will never forget that day.” Everything in my house is ruined. Even then I forgot all the pain of getting my child Riya. Our Rhea has grown up now. After graduating from Raju, Rajshahi University is now studying economics.