DhakaFriday , 12 November 2021
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In the Bera municipal election, three of the five candidates for the post of mayor are candidates from the MP family

Md Magem Ali
November 12, 2021 10:32 am
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Md. Haruna Rashid (Harun) Bera, Pabna Representative :.
A rival candidate withdrew his nomination papers on Thursday (November 11), the last day for withdrawal of nomination papers in Pabna’s Bera municipality election. As a result, five candidates will contest for the post of mayor. Among them, there are three candidates from the family of local MP (৬৮ Pabna 1) Adv. Shamsul Haque Tuku. The other two were deprived of nominations and submitted nominations as independent candidates.

Three independent candidates are from the same constituency. Among them are MP’s son, his younger brother Abdul Baten, the current mayor, and a niece.
It is learned that six candidates had submitted their nomination papers ahead of the November 26 elections. Meanwhile, on the last day of withdrawal of nominations on Thursday (November 11), Prof. Dr. Abdul Awal, a member of the Central Freedom Fighters Subcommittee, withdrew his nomination papers. As a result, these five candidates were in the fray for the election
MP’s son Adv. Asif Shams Ranjan will be elected with the “boat” symbol. MP’s younger brother Sadia Alam Jesse, niece (daughter of elder brother) of “Coconut Tree” MP, will be the independent candidate for the post of incumbent mayor. And KM Abdullah will vote with the “Jag” symbol
Meanwhile, the local Awami League is very embarrassed about the participation of uncles, nephews and nieces in the elections.
The discussion on how much the independent candidates will be able to benefit by going beyond the boat symbol is now at the tea table of the mahalla lying on the ground. Candidates are adopting various strategies to polarize the election. As the rebel candidates of the same party are contesting under the banner of individual, there is growing concern among the activist supporters as Awami League is the rival of Awami League.
The total number of voters in the first class Bera municipality is 42618 out of which 2172 are male voters and 21036 are female voters. Pabna District Additional Election Officer Taufiqur Rahman said the EVM system will be used to receive votes in Bera Municipality.

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