DhakaThursday , 11 November 2021
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Lack of life struggler Nurjahan is a constant companion

Md Magem Ali
November 11, 2021 12:38 pm
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 Samsul Haque Gurudaspur  Representative.

Nurjahan Begum resides in Par-Gurudaspur mahalla of Gurudaspur municipal headquarters in Natore. Although the name means the light of the world, that light could not illuminate his life. Nurjahan is spending every day fighting with scarcity and deprivation. At the age of 65, she lost her husband Ayazuddin long ago. In this old age in the world of deprivation, now he is looking with deep eyes at Amanisha.

In order to survive, the widow Nurjahan’s family is living without food by taking water lilies from the bill and selling them at the school gate.

“She lost her husband 35 years ago,” Nurjahan told the Daily Banalata while selling water lilies and watermelons at the Shiksha Sangha Government Primary School gate in Chanchkair Bazar at 10am on Thursday (November 11). He has two daughters and one son. The boy is getting married and getting a separate family. Even if he marries the girls, they are divorced and his family is burdened.

He does not have the ability to make a living by working in old age. In the rainy season, his family earns Rs. At other times, Nurjahan’s family collects other vegetables including pens from the field and sells them in the local market.

Mahmuda Begum, a teacher at Shiksha Sangha Government Primary School, said she occasionally saw the elderly woman (Nurjahan) selling flowers and watermelons at the school gate. The children happily bought flowers from him. Seeing him, he felt poor and helpless.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Mohammad Tamal Hossain said he was out of the upazila on election duty. He assured all kinds of cooperation from the upazila administration regarding the search.