DhakaFriday , 5 November 2021
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That is the reason behind the decline in oil prices in India

Md Magem Ali
November 5, 2021 12:20 pm
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Banalata Desk.

In a few days, the price of petrol and diesel in India, a densely populated country in South Asia, has crossed the century mark. In other words, the price of petrol and diesel in each state has exceeded Rs 100 per liter. And the price of mustard oil has hit a double century and is now hovering around 25 per liter. Even Onion has crossed half a hundred runs. The price per kg is Rs 50 or more. In such a situation, just before Diwali, the Modi government announced a reduction in the price of petrol by Rs 5 per liter and diesel by Rs 10 per liter.

The Modi government has been increasing the price of petrol and diesel for a long time. The main opposition party, the Congress, and other opposition parties have publicly demanded a reduction in prices. They have even been seen protesting on the streets at different times. The question has been raised step by step in the parliament. However, even after all this, no result came.
The answer of the ruling Modi government was that they have undertaken a lot of public welfare projects for the poor. The money raised from the petrol-diesel duty is used to cover the cost of public works. And so when the price of petrol-diesel in the international market was quite low, the price of these fuels in the country was skyrocketing.

In the last few months, the price of petrol and diesel has crossed 100. In the capital New Delhi, the price of a liter of petrol was more than 106 rupees.

So why is the price suddenly reduced? Is there any other story behind this? Yes! That is the politics of voting. Assembly elections are coming up in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The importance of this election in Indian politics is immense. There are not only 400 seats in the Legislative Assembly, but also 60 seats in the Lok Sabha. It is the most important state in the Hindi belt. Those who win here also influence central politics.

BJP sources said the party’s top leaders had recently sought information from local party leaders and administrative officials in various districts of Uttar Pradesh. The report they then gave was that the situation was better, but the seats could be reduced by a couple of times than last time. Last time, the ruling BJP won more than 300 seats. This time the reduction of seats at the district level by one or two means the reduction of about 150 seats. And that is why the top leadership of the party is worried.

Surveys have shown that people in Uttar Pradesh are very angry about two things. One- Petrol-diesel prices have reached the point of no return. Two- The price of mustard oil has crossed Rs 200 per liter and has come close to Rs 250. Along with that other things go up in price and there are some local issues. Then it was decided to reduce the price of petrol and diesel and give this Diwali gift.

Not only is the BJP planning to reduce prices, it is also planning to launch a campaign on the issue. Home and party leaders, including Home Minister Amit Shah, have already started tweeting on the issue of declining oil prices. According to them, the government’s decision is a great example of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s support for the people. The identity of his sensitivity. This campaign must continue across the country.

According to BJP sources, ordinary people do not remember anything for a long time. So they will remember to reduce the price during the voting. Prices are not supposed to go up. Then the price of mustard oil will be reduced. There will be a rush on the price of onions. And all that propaganda will reach its peak. If necessary, the price of cooking gas can be reduced slightly. In this way the anger of the human mind will be removed.

It may be mentioned that recently, by-elections have been held in several Assembly constituencies and three Lok Sabha constituencies in 13 states of the country. As a result, the BJP has not done well anywhere except in the states of Assam and the North East. Out of the three, they have won only one Lok Sabha seat. Congress has won one and Shiv Sena one. Himachal has lost all the three assembly seats. In Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, the Congress has won one seat each. In Rajasthan, the BJP could not win a single seat. According to party sources, the reason for this is the anger of the common people over the price of goods.