DhakaWednesday , 3 November 2021
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Murder of a friend in broad daylight in Gurudaspur

Md Magem Ali
November 3, 2021 12:33 pm
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Gurudaspur Reporter.
A man named Abul Kashem (45) has been stabbed to death in public. The murder took place at the Nazirpur Degree College gate in Gurudaspur around 9:30 am on Wednesday. The body of Abul Kashem was recovered in the morning and sent for autopsy.
The deceased was identified as Abul Kashem of Lahmipur village under Nazirpur union of Bari upazila. He is the son of Haji Saeed Ali Mollah of that village. Qasim was a businessman by profession. He is survived by his wife, a 13-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter. Kenal, 44, son of late Rajab Ali of Gopinathpur village in the same union, was stabbed to death. Canal is also a businessman by profession. Canal has been on the run since the incident.
According to local sources, Abul Kashem and Canal were close friends of the village. Qasim was an expatriate in Iraq. From there he returned to the country about 5 years ago. However, to go abroad, Kenal became friends with Kashem. At one stage, about 3 years ago, Canal made a financial transaction of Tk 1 lakh 60 thousand with Kashem who was killed to go abroad. Although time passed, the canal was not sent abroad on various pretexts. The relationship between the two friends deteriorated.
Nazirpur Union Parishad chairman Shawkat Rana Labu said an arbitration meeting was held about a year ago over the canal money. Abul Kashem, who was killed at that time, returned 1 lakh rupees to the canal. Canal took a blank check from Qasim for the remaining Rs 60,000. Although Kashem wanted to pay the rest of the money, Canal started Talbahana to return the blank check. From then on, there was a quarrel between the two.
Jamena Begum, the mother of the deceased, lamented that Canal called Kashem on her mobile phone on Wednesday morning to return the check. After receiving a phone call from the canal, his son Kasem left the hot rice and went to Nazirpur market on a bicycle. After that the boy never came back.
Eyewitness grocer Belal Hossain said the accused Canal was standing next to his shop on Wednesday morning. Abul Kashem was going home from the market on a bicycle around 9:30 am. When Kashem came in front of his shop, he blocked the canal. At one point, Canal hit Kashem on the head with an iron rod. When Kashem fell to the ground, Kenal fled after being stabbed randomly in the back and abdomen. After rescuing Kashem, he was taken to Natore Sadar Hospital where the on-duty doctor declared him dead.
Gurudaspur police officer in charge. Abdul Matin said he went to the spot himself. The accused is a canal fugitive. Attempts are being made to arrest him. Moreover, preparations are underway to file a case in connection with the murder.