DhakaFriday , 22 October 2021
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The way Iqbal was caught in the trap of three BCL activists

Md Magem Ali
October 22, 2021 1:16 pm
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Banalata Correspondent.
Iqbal Hossain, accused of leaving the Holy Quran at the Durga Puja mandapa on the banks of Nanuwar Dighi in Comilla, was handed over by three youths who were visiting Cox’s Bazar. They are BCL activists of Chaumuhani Government SA College in Begumganj upazila of Noakhali. They are- Anik Rahman, Mehedi Hasan Mishu, Saiful Islam Saif. Among them Saiful Islam Saif works in Cox’s Bazar. Having no committee for 10 years, they claim to be senior BCL workers. District BCL president Asaduzzaman Arman confirmed Anik Rahman, Mehedi Hasan Mishu and Saiful Islam Saif as BCL workers.

Anik Rahman, a Masters student in Management at Chaumuhani Government SA College and a BCL activist, said that on Monday night, October 19, his friend Mehedi Hasan Mishu went to Cox’s Bazar with five friends, including their three Dhaka business friends Raihan, Mamun and Hridoy. On Thursday morning, October 20, another friend of theirs, Saiful Islam Saif, joined them. Then at 4 pm he went out to visit Darianagar. There they spend time with six friends while singing and matching tunes with Iqbal and them. Later that night, they became suspicious after seeing Iqbal’s pictures on television and Facebook.
Mehdi Hasan Mishu, a master’s student in the accounting department and a BCL activist, said they met Iqbal again when they went to Sugandha Point on Thursday night. Then we formed a friendship with him. At one point, if Iqbal wanted to escape, I tricked him into eating breakfast and cigarettes. When asked about his name at the time, he said it was Iqbal. Then they tactfully took his picture and talked to the ASP of Noakhali on their mobile and sent his picture. He gave us the mobile number of Comilla Police Super. After that, after contacting the Superintendent of Police of Comilla and sending the picture, he informed the Superintendent of Police of Cox’s Bazar. Later at 10:30 pm the police came and arrested him.
Earlier, a 16-minute, 52-second CCTV video footage of the Holy Quran being placed in a puja mandapa in Comilla was released to the media. It shows how the accused Iqbal Hossain came out of the mosque with the Holy Quran and went to the puja mandapa and returned from the mandapa with Hanuman’s mace in his hand.