DhakaWednesday , 20 October 2021
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The Teesta waters suddenly flooded vast areas above the danger line

Md Magem Ali
October 20, 2021 10:56 am
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Dimla representative.

The water level of the river Teesta continues to rise on the hill slopes coming down from the upper reaches. At 2 pm, the water of the river at Dalia Barrage Point was flowing at 60 cm above the danger level. About 6,000 people have been taken prisoner.

Nurul Islam, a water gauge at the Dalia Water Development Board, said the Teesta River has been rising since Tuesday night. From 6 am on Wednesday, the Teesta water flowed at 53.20 cm, which is 60 cm above the danger level. Later at 2 pm the water level rose to 60 cm. Extreme panic is prevailing among the people of Teestapar due to the sudden rise of Teesta water. Due to high water pressure, a 60-meter river of Kaliganj Dam in East Chhatnai Union of Dimla Upazila collapsed into the river at around 9 am.

Large areas including Jharsingheshwar village were submerged. The houses in the area are still submerged in water. Concerned union chairman Abdul Latif Khan said about 2,000 families in his union were trapped in the water. The voluntarily constructed dam and Swapan dam of Tepakharibari union have collapsed due to high water pressure. Moinul Haque, chairman of the union, said more than 300 houses in his area were still under water. The occupants of these houses have not yet been completely evacuated. Besides, several thousand people are still trapped in the vast areas of 15 chars of East Chhatnai, West Chhatnai, Tepa Kharibari, Gayabari, Khalisha Chapani and Jhunagach Chapani Union of the same upazila.

Dimla Upazila Project Implementation Officer Mesbaul Haque said, “We are continuing to compile the list of affected families.” However, it is not possible to give the exact number of families still trapped in the water.

Md. Asfaud Daula, Executive Engineer, Dalia Water Development Board, said that efforts are being made to control the water by opening 44 gates of the barrage as the water level in the Teesta River has risen abnormally. The fire service team is also trying hard to rescue the people