DhakaSaturday , 16 October 2021
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They are self-sufficient by earning foreign currency at home

Md Magem Ali
October 16, 2021 1:53 pm
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Gurudaspur representative.
Sitting at home, foreigners are fulfilling all their needs. You are getting money in return for this work. But this money is not the money of the country. Coming in the form of foreign currency. This income from freelancing has changed the fate of unemployed Mostakim Johnny. Prosperity is back home.
Mostakim Johnny is not alone. In Gurudaspur alone, thousands of young people like him are earning hundreds of dollars a month through freelancing at home. Mostakim Johnny’s home is in the village of Nashiarkandi on the border of Gurudaspur.
Mostakim Johnny said that in the beginning, he used to take classes on Microsoft Office applications. But there was no end to the day. That’s why the alternative of income revolves around thinking. During that time he took up new jobs such as graphics design, video editing, web design and development. After that, he started working in the freelancing world in 2016.
Mostakim Johnny has succeeded in entering freelancing. The lack of family has also disappeared. Now meeting the needs of the world, he also provides for his reading and writing expenses from this income. Mostakim Johnny is currently studying at the Hathazari Madrasa in Chittagong in Miska. However, with the help of the government, he wants to build a big institute for freelancing.
Mostakim Johnny’s father Lokman Hossain said he has a family with three sons and a wife. He was a small businessman by profession. Although he has been doing cocarez business in the area, he is not able to do that business now due to his age. But with that limited income, it was difficult for the three sons to read and write and to support the family.
However, Mejha’s son Mostakim studied at Johnny Qawmi Madrasa but started earning money through freelance. Basically, after that, the shortage in the world started to disappear. They are now dependent on Mostakim for freelancing.
Gurudaspur Information and Communication Technology Assistant Programmer. Shahinur Islam said that according to their office, more than 1000 educated youths of Gurudaspur upazila are earning huge amount of foreign currency through freelancing at home.
Freelancers will grow at a higher rate in the next one year. However, these freelancers will also be given training officially. Work will also be done to encourage newcomers to come to freelancing.
Another freelancer, Abu Saeed, said at least 20 young people under him were involved in freelancing in small offices. Basically based on the demand given by foreigners, they do various kinds of work including web design, development, graphics, keyword research, SEO, social media marketing, Google Analytics. A few hours of work earns a minimum of ড 100 per demand. As unemployment is being eliminated in this income, remittances of the country are also increasing.
Prashant Kumar, an ICT teacher at Gurudaspur’s government-run Shaheed Samsuzzoha College, said many young people in Gurudaspur are now earning a living through freelancing at home. If educated youths enter freelancing without rushing for jobs, there is a possibility of earning huge amount of foreign exchange from this sector.