DhakaWednesday , 6 October 2021
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Bird hunting is going on freely in Chalanbil!

Md Magem Ali
October 6, 2021 11:56 am
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Md. Majem Ali Malin from Gurudaspur (Natore).
Indiscriminate killing of birds is going on in different areas of Chalanbil. Fancy and professional bird hunters are hunting these birds to get guns, baits, nets and various kinds of traps. This is destroying biodiversity on the one hand. On the other hand, the attack of harmful insects on crop lands is also increasing.

Chalanbil area is spread over nine upazilas of Pabna, Natore, Sirajganj and Naogaon districts. 14 rivers and 22 small and big beels have flowed through Chalanbil. As the water in the lower wetlands dries up this season, flocks of different species of domestic and foreign guest birds flock.

It is learned that birds are being sold at hat bazaars and houses in remote areas of Gurudaspur, Singra, Tarash, Ullapara, Shahjadpur, Chatmohar, Bhangura and Atrai upazilas. As a result, there are more hunters in those areas. And no people from the administration come to these remote areas.

Professor Atahar Ali, president of the Biodiversity Conservation Committee of Gurudaspur Upazila, said native and guest birds have come to Chalanbil this year to collect food in shallow water. With that a lot of fish can be seen. As a result, there are flocks of chakhachakhi, pankauri, buck, hariyal, hargila, ratchora, balihans, itali, shirley, onion kheko, trishul, batuila, narulia, lalsvar, kandokhocha, fefi, dahuk, goyal, shamukhati, basal, shamukhati, various Has started. And in this opportunity, a class of fancy and professional bird hunters are constantly hunting birds to get guns, bait, current nets and traps. These birds are being sold openly in different areas.

A professional bird hunter, who did not want to be named, said there was a huge demand for birds in the market. So it is not a problem to sell if you can catch any opinion. Each pair of birds is sold for 300 to 600 rupees depending on the species. As a result, many people are hunting birds instead of fishing for more profit.

In this regard, The Bird Septy House Chairman Mamun Biswas said that bird hunting is very harmful to the biodiversity and it is a punishable offense. Not just birds, but wildlife has a role to play in protecting them.