DhakaTuesday , 5 October 2021
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In the case of MP Quddus’s order to burn the car Awami League protest

Md Magem Ali
October 5, 2021 6:11 am
Link Copied!

Representative of Gurudaspur (Natore).

Supporters of both sides of the Awami League have staged demonstrations and rallies in Gurudaspur and Baraigram over the incident of ordering the burning of the car of Prof Abdul Quddus, president of the Natore-4 constituency. The program was held at different places on Monday at 4 pm and 6 pm.
Earlier, on the night of October 2, the union council election, the center chairman said in a meeting. Siddiqur Rahman Patwari publicly instructed his activists to burn MP Quddus’ car.
Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Demonstration procession started at around 6 pm and a demonstration was held at Nazirpur Union Parishad premises. It was presided over by Shakhayat Hossain Mollah, vice president of Gurudaspur Upazila A-League. Also present were Nazirpur Union Awami League president Abdur Razzak, Awami League leader Nazrul Islam, Nazirpur UP chairman Shawkat Rana Labu and other party leaders and workers.
Gurudaspur Upazila A-League Vice President Shakhayat Hossain Mollah Baraigram Upazila Parishad Chairman Dr. Siddiqur Rahman warned against Patwari, saying, “MP Quddus is a heroic freedom fighter.” He has been repeatedly elected MP. He is popular in Gurudaspur-Baraigram. But the leader’s car was publicly threatened to burn. This is very sad. We are demanding justice for Siddiqur Rahman through this protest. ‘
Awami League leader Nazrul Islam said MP Quddus, a seven-time MP, had paved more than 1,750 km of roads in Gurudaspur-Baraigram. The people of these two upazilas are enjoying the benefits of 100 percent electricity starting from educational institutions to hospitals. But the political opponents slandered him. He and other speakers demanded justice for these slanderers.
In this regard, Natore district Awami League president MP Abdul Quddus said, “I believe in work.” Those who will work will be criticized. But it has to be constructive and decent. I do politics on the principles and ideals of Bangabandhu, the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina. I have nothing to ask for. I have been doing politics since my student life with the ideals and prayers of Bangabandhu. Not with anyone’s kindness or mercy. Not by betting on hybrid brands or oils. Nominated for life. I have also won. I am working for the welfare of the people. I don’t care what anyone says. People are my strength. If anyone speaks badly, people will judge him.
Meanwhile, Upazila Chairman Siddiqur Rahman Patwari has claimed that the video, which went viral on social media about the threat to burn Abdul Quddus MP’s car in Baraigram, was disseminated with partial information. At the same time, the chairman of the Upazila Parishad. Md. They have also organized a human chain to protest against making a GD against Siddiqur Rahman Patwari at the police station and to stop propaganda. The human chain was held in Diargarfa area of ​​the upazila on Monday afternoon. Chandazi Union Awami League President Shamsuzzaman Golam, General Secretary Mojibur Rahman Master, Juba League President Rafiqul Islam Iyad, Joint Secretary Rana Ahmed, Awami League leaders Sonaullah, Suruj Ali and Sumon Ali spoke on the occasion.
Upazila chairman said. Siddiqur Rahman Patwari said, “In the previous election, MP Quddus had taken a stand against the boat. If MP Quddus goes against the boat in this UP election too, then I have made that statement to wake up the leaders and workers to resist him. ‘
Meanwhile, Abdul Quddus Miaji, acting president of Baraigram Upazila Awami League, denied the boat’s opposition to the MPs over Siddiquur Rahman Patwari’s remarks, saying the party would take necessary action by calling an extended meeting on the offensive remarks made against the MPs due to internal quarrels within the party.
In a staff meeting held in Baraigram on Saturday night, October 2, Baraigram Upazila Parishad Chairman Siddiqur Rahman Patwari directed his supporters to burn the car of Natore-4 MP Prof Abdul Quddus. Patwari’s statement went viral on social media Facebook. In the incident, Awami League general secretary Sarwar Uddin Mollah filed a GD against Patwari at Baraigram police station on Saturday night.
According to party sources, Baraigram Upazila Chairman Siddiqur Rahman Patwari’s statement against MP Quddus has caused intense dissatisfaction among the MP’s supporters. Since Siddiqur Rahman was elected as the chairman of the Upazila Parishad in 2015, he used to taunt MP Abdul Quddus in various meetings and rallies. Siddiqur Rahman is also accused of donating to the Awami League from other parties working for the rebel candidates in the Union Parishad elections.