DhakaSaturday , 2 October 2021
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UP chairman’s sand business occupying the field of educational institution in Gurudaspur!

Md Magem Ali
October 2, 2021 4:35 am
Link Copied!

Md. Mizanur Rahman Palash.

Piles of sand across the playground. The water that came up with that sand has created waterlogging in front of the classroom. The classroom and the porch have become monotonous in mud and water. This is hampering the teaching in the madrasa. Students are not able to play. The situation is going on at Nazirpur Alim Madrasa in Gurudaspur.

Shawkat Rana Labu, president of the management committee of the madrasa, is occupying the madrasa ground and doing sand business. Labu is the chairman of Nazirpur Union Parishad. There is also a case in court against the chairman for giving government houses to the poor in exchange for money. He also worked in jail.

According to the search, the sand brought in trawlers for sale is being piled in the field. These piles of sand are being sold in different places in trolleys. Water is seeping into at least 5 classrooms of 3 buildings of the madrasa as sand is kept in the field like this. Teachers and students are suffering a lot in teaching in a mud-water classroom. This problem is not only in the classroom and on the porch. The two entrances of the madrasa are also closed in the sand.

At least 10 students, including Anjum Tasnim, Akram Ali and Ranju, said the madrassa reopened after being closed for a long time, but the president himself started throwing sand in the field on Wednesday. Large piles of sand across the field have caused waterlogging in front of the classroom. Clothes are getting damaged in mud and water while entering the classroom.
Admitting the plight of the teachers and students, the principal of the madrasa, Abdul Haque, said the entrance to the north side was closed due to sand being thrown across the field. The students are not able to enter the madrasa without any problem as there is a pile of sand at the entrance of the south side. Moreover, the rising water level in the 5 classrooms on the north side of the madrasa has started causing severe suffering in teaching and movement. The president himself puts sand in the madrasa ground so he can’t say anything even though he is the principal.

Chairman of the Madrasa Management Committee, UP Chairman Shawkat Rana Labu admitted that sand would be thrown, adding that some sand would also be given in the madrasa grounds despite the temporary suffering of teachers and students.

Gurudaspur Secondary Education Officer. Eaheduzzaman said the educational institution has been reopened after being closed for a long time. It is unfortunate that even after this long break, the students are suffering for various reasons. He did not decide to keep sand in the madrasa ground after becoming the president. Prompt action will be taken to find out.