DhakaSaturday , 25 September 2021
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Beauty Khatun is studying at Rajshahi University by writing with her feet

Md Magem Ali
September 25, 2021 1:17 pm
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Akhtaruzzaman Talukder, Khetlal (Joypurhat) Representative:

Beauty Khatun (21) was born on January 21, 2001 without any hands. Beauty developed the habit of writing with her own efforts and with the help of her mother and elder brother. After passing HSC with good results by writing with his feet, he is now studying in the law department of Rajshahi University. Beauty Khatun proved once again that physical disability is not an obstacle. He wants to get a job in the administration after finishing his studies in law. She wants to be a judge and stand by people with disabilities like her.

Beauty Khatun of Shibpur village in Khetlal upazila of the district has been physically handicapped since birth. Although it has two arms, its size is very small. Its size is 6 inches. The cruel irony of fate is not with the hands like everyone else in the world, but beauty has to do everything with the feet. He does all his work by making two legs and hands. Besides, he helps his mother in cooking. Cut onion, chilli, eggplant, potato and other vegetables. Due to his strong morale and indomitable will power, he developed the habit of writing with his feet with the help of his mother and elder brother. Inspired by them, Beauty Khatun is currently studying law at Rajshahi University.

It is learned that after studying up to 6th class in the madrasa of her village, Beauty was admitted in 8th class in local Aklash Shibpur Shampur High School. From there she got GPA-5 in Science and passed SSC in 2017 and from Bogra Dupchanchia Women’s Degree College she got GPA 4.8 in Science and passed HSC in 2019.

He took part in the admission war in ‘A’ unit in Rajshahi University in the academic year 2019-2020 without any quota facility and got a chance to become 426th in law. LLB is studying in the first year and after a long hiatus, the final exam will be held on October 16, said Beauty.

Baba Bayazid Pramanik said that when Beauty was born without two hands. I was worried about him then. Beauty will be able to study, it was not in my mind. I was just thinking about the future of the girl, what will happen to her. Now I see some hope, but I am a little worried about what will happen in the end.

Mother Rahima Bibi told Bhorer Kagoj that she was not worried about reading Beauty. Although he could read, writing was his main problem. So I try to teach the girl to write with her feet. I would sit on the floor of the house and hold the pen between his toes. Although it was very difficult at the beginning, at one stage he mastered writing with his feet with hard effort. However, in this case, his only elder brother also helped him to write. He is currently studying law at Rajshahi University. He further said that Beauty’s will power and strong morale has brought her so far. My daughter has proved that physical disability is not a barrier.

Beauty’s elder brother has completed Honors-Masters in Management from Bogra Government Azizul College.

Going to the spot, it can be seen that the beauty Khatun, who does not have two hands, is doing all the necessary work with her feet. Turning the pages of books and notebooks with his feet, taking books, taking pens and writing. He showed the morning paper representative by foot. He writes beautifully and fast in Bengali, English and Arabic. Besides, you can cut onion, chilli, potato and other vegetables in a sharp bowl with your feet. Many have been surprised to see that. He has received several honorary crests for his good results and chance at university.

When I asked Beauty Khatun about her future wishes, she told Bhorer Kagoj, “I don’t want to be a burden to anyone.” I want to be a fair judge in the administration after finishing my studies well and stand by the disabled people like me in the country.

Talking to some of her classmates in the village, Bhorer Kagoj correspondent said that although Beauty was disabled, she did not take any extra advantage of the exam.

Nur-e-Alam, president of the Joypurhat district branch of the SAARC Human Rights Foundation, told the daily Bhorer Kagoj that women like Beauty are taking our country forward today by overcoming obstacles. Various departments including government and non-government are working.

Seeing the unsurpassed success of Beauty, other disabled women of the country will go one step further – this is the expectation of civilized people.

Khetlal Upazila Chairman Mostakim Mandal told Bhorer Kagoj that although Beauty was born without two hands, she is studying at the university today due to her strong morale. This is a matter of great pride for my upazila.