DhakaThursday , 23 September 2021
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The school building cracked before the handover

Md Magem Ali
September 23, 2021 12:53 pm
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Gurudaspu (Natore) Representative.
The first room on the west side of the newly built primary school building is cracked. But the school building has not been handed over here. The teachers of the school have also complained of various irregularities in the construction of the building. Such is the delicate situation of Lahmipur Primary School No. 62 in Gurudaspur Upazila.
Teachers say Domar sand was supposed to be given during the construction of the building. But the contracting company did not follow the rules and rented the land. In addition, low quality coke has been used in brick, sand, rod and casting. Although the local people and teachers obstructed them, the contractor did not accept it. Now that the building has not been handed over, however, it has become more risky. Cracks have appeared in the classrooms. The plaster is falling off. The contractor is closing the cracks with plaster coating.
According to LGED sources, the three-room school building is to be built on a four-storey foundation. Natore contractor has got the construction work of the building at a cost of about 75 lakh rupees. Anisur Rahman.
The contractor said. Masud Rana, owner of Anisur Rahman, denied the allegations, saying there were cracks in the plaster in a classroom. The main building is right there. There were no irregularities.
However, the headmaster of the school, Mofiz Uddin, said that the contractor had occupied the burnt building for the construction of the school building. Due to various inconsistencies in the construction work, the new building has become risky even before the handover. Now it is in the dilapidated burnt building that the tender-hearted children have to be taught.
According to the locals, the base of the building was filled with soil during casting. He was also a worker at that time. Abdus Salam, a teacher at the school, and the locals objected, but the contractor did not comply. Now there are questions about the durability of the building. At the same time, the misery has increased in sending students to the burnt fragile building.
Upazila Engineer Milon Hossain said it was unfortunate that the building was cracked before it was handed over. However, action will be taken after investigating the matter.