DhakaThursday , 16 September 2021
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Young influencer & social worker Easir Arafat

Daily Banalata
September 16, 2021 7:28 pm
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Easir Arafat is widely regarded as a young social worker in Nazirpur upazila of Pirojpur district. He has been working with various voluntary organizations since childhood. He is devoting a lot of time to social work, voluntary work, blood donation and other social welfare activities. He has chosen digital marketing as his profession. She is a writer, singer and young entrepreneur as well as working. He founded the voluntary blood organization ‘Blood Donor’ in 2016. The organization is working to meet the shortage of blood in the upazila. He has also been working with an organization called the Concerted Imperial Club. Various social programs are conducted through this organization.
He runs campaigns to encourage young people to do different kinds of social work. Many young people are coming forward in social service with his call. Especially this year he planted trees in about 20 villages. Yasser Arafat said, plant trees to keep the country well. He is also an arborist. He published a book on environmental protection Let’s love nature and let the world be good.
He also writes through blogs and various social media. As this young social worker, he called upon all to serve the people in social service and voluntarily.